Review: Pentel Energel Deluxe RTX, Gel Ink, 0.3mm


I’ve always liked Pentel Energel pens. In fact, red-ink Energels are my go-to red pen at work for their sturdy clip, minimal smear, and comfortable grip.  However, this is the first time I’ve used the extra-fine 0.3mm Deluxe RTX version, and I’m happy to say that my high regards for the Energel have not been let down.

For most people, the Pilot G-2 0.38mm is the gateway to extra-fine-tipped pens, and, while it’s a decent pen, a lot of people are turned off by its scratchiness (or the feeling like the tip of the pen is literally going to tear through the paper). The Energel Deluxe RTX, with its smoother writing experience, does a much better job of avoiding this problem. And it’s a good pen overall, really: it doesn’t bleed, doesn’t skip, and draws consistent lines.


This Energel even beats out my previous favorite extra-fine-point pen, the 0.28mm uni-ball Signo RT1. While I love the stealth design of the Signo RT1, the Energel Deluxe RTX edges it out in terms of smoothness and richness of ink, and it has a much more durable design overall. So, if you’re looking for a good extra-fine tipped pen, the 0.3mm Energel Deluxe RTX is definitely the way to go.


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Review: Pentel R.S.V.P., Ballpoint Pen, 0.7mm


The Pentel R.S.V.P can probably best be described as a budget pen. It’s a step up from the cheap ballpoints often found in office supply closets but less expensive than more “premium” ballpoints like the uni-ball Jetstream or the Pilot Acroball. It mostly performs like a typical ballpoint pen – it’s not particularly smooth, the ink isn’t particularly dark or rich, and there’s also the occasional appearance of ink blobs, which love to smear themselves across the paper.


To its credit, the R.S.V.P. provides a steady stream of ink. I never once had to scribble on scrap paper to reboot the ink flow, a common problem with ballpoints. You also get plenty of ink the cartridge, which lasts quite awhile. And Pentel has wisely included a rubber grip, an often missed feature for ballpoints, which typically require a firmer hand to write with.

Overall, the R.S.V.P. fills that “budget pen” space perfectly. It’s certainly a nice step up from a junky office pen, but you’d probably be better off throwing down an extra dollar or two to buy something that looks and performs a little bit better.


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