I have a lot of pens

Most people rarely think about the pens they’re using, but everybody knows the frustration of using a bad one. When it comes to your daily work – whether you’re an artist, a student, a paperwork aficionado, or an avid note-taker – the pen is your tool.* And if you’ve got the right tool, it makes the workload lighter. So with a pile of pens in my possession, I intend to blog about a subject that elicits eye-rolls from many of my co-workers… pens!

I have other hobbies too, of course. I like to read. I like to watch movies. I like to cook. Etc. And these things will probably pop up on this blog from time to time (hence the name, Pens and Junk). So I hope you stick around, and feel free to chime in whenever the mood strikes.

You can email me at atb@pensandjunk.com or just comment on any blog post. See you around.


*or pencil, I guess