Review: Zebra Sarasa, Gel Pen, 0.5mm

Zebra Sarasa

The Zebra Sarasa, like the BIC Velocity Gel and the Pilot G-2, is a gel ink pen with a clear barrel and black trim. It’s a style of pen which I call “premium plastic,” a very standard (and somewhat boring) design found on most store shelves. It is, however, still an upgrade from the average pen found in the office supply closet.

Sarasa, G-2, and Velocity Gel

The Sarasa is a nice pen overall. It smears only a little, writes consistently, has a comfortable grip, and a rich dark ink. At the end of the day, it’s a pen that will get the job done.

Still, the Sarasa just isn’t a pen that stands out along side a sea of similar options. There’s really no reason to go out of your way to get one. And if you find it on a store shelf next to a Pilot G-2, then you might as well pick out whichever one is cheaper.

Zebra Sarasa Review

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