Review: Wexford Retractable, Gel Ink, 1.0mm


There’s nothing particularly special about the Wexford Retractable gel ink pen. It’s a generic brand – Wexford is  distributed by Walgreens stores here in the U.S. – and it manages to fit a “generic” description, being neither the best nor worst in its category. Basically, it’s a another “premium plastic” pen, similar to the Pilot G-2 or Zebra Sarasa, with a clear body, black trim, and a rubber grip.


I wasn’t expecting too much out of this gel ink pen when I grabbed it off the shelf, and it certainly isn’t a bad pen. It doesn’t smear as much as I expected for a 1.0mm gel pen, and the ink is nice and dark – perhaps even a shade darker than the Pilot G-2. Ink flow consistency is the only noteworthy issue the Wexford Retractable has, randomly running thick or thin while in use.

If you happen to be in need of a gel pen while at a Walgreens store, the Wexford Retractable is a fine choice. Or in other words, there’s no reason to go out of your way for one of these pens. Plenty of better options are out there for gel ink pens. However, the Wexford Retractable will likely suit your needs in a pinch.


4 thoughts on “Review: Wexford Retractable, Gel Ink, 1.0mm

  1. Absolute GARBAGE these pens are!! I bought a pack of 4 and tried one out . The cartridge lasted 20 minutes of normal use. 20 minutes!!!!!!! I tried another one from that same package and had the SAME EXACT CRAPPY RESULTS. Do NOT waste your money on these chinese ripoffs.


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