Review: uni-ball Signo 207 (micro), Gel Ink Pen, 0.5mm


At first glance, the uni-ball Signo 207 looks a lot like many other gel pens you’d find on the store shelves. It’s made mostly of plastic with black accents and metal trim, and the only thing that really stands out is its uniquely shaped clip, which does make it look a bit more classy and professional. But after using it for a couple days, I would definitely rank this unassuming gel ink pen among the best that I’ve used.

The Signo 207 has the basics down: it is comfortable to write with, and it draws clean, consistent lines. More than anything else, however, I am impressed at how smear-free the ink manages to be. I really had to try hard to get it to smear on standard papers, and that’s definitely not something you can say about most gel ink pens.

The black ink doesn’t seem quite as rich and dark as other gel pens, but If you’re willing to accept this trade-off, I imagine the Signo 207 will become an instant favorite. For lefties looking for a low-smear pen, it’s definitely worth a try. For everybody who might be looking to resupply their pen cup, you won’t go wrong with the Signo 207.


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21 thoughts on “Review: uni-ball Signo 207 (micro), Gel Ink Pen, 0.5mm

  1. Generally, I like the Signo-line. The 207 is however not my taste. It writes just a tad too dry and the grip is a bit too wide for my liking, and has an odd shape.


    1. I hear you – I prefer the darker inks, but I love the 207 as a grab and go pen. I like the grip. I guess that’s somewhat a personal thing though.


    1. Uni-ball specifically says these pens are good for check writing – they claim to use special fraud-prevention ink.

      In my personal opinion, I think that most inks that soak through the paper (gel, rollerball, porous point) should be indelible, but even erasable pens leave marks that are very hard to get rid of. If you’re worried about it, I’d also suggest using a fountain pen with a colored ink, as those would be very difficult for forgers to match.


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