Review: BIC Atlantis Exact, Ballpoint, 0.7mm


Well, BIC has surprised me for the second time in recent weeks.  Maybe we can chalk it up to some planetary alignment or the level of the tides, but either way, the BIC Atlantis Exact is a pretty solid ballpoint pen. Overall, it’s smooth, comfortable, and is a very consistent writer.

It’s not perfect, of course. The all-plastic pen comes across a little cheap in ways that similarly priced pens don’t. On closer inspection, even its “metal” tip seems to simply be just a shiny piece of plastic. It could also stand to have a stronger (metal) clip, and it would be nice to see it hold a bit more ink.


Regardless, the Atlantis Exact has a “pros” list that can’t be ignored. It has a grip that runs almost the entire length of the barrel, the ink doesn’t blob or smear, and it puts down nice, fine lines. I wouldn’t exactly jump at the chance to use one of these pens, but I wouldn’t be disappointed to pull one out of a supply closet either.


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