Review: The Sharpie Pen, Porous Point, Fine


It may be enough for me to say that The Sharpie Pen has become one of my go-to writing instruments. It’s a porous point pen that makes very clean lines, has very minimal smearing, and dries to a fairly dark black. Consequently, I find that it really improves the way my writing looks, and the consistent ink flow and sleek design make it a great pen to use on the go.

That’s not to say that it’s perfect. While the packaging advertises The Sharpie Pen as no-bleed, I do see some bleeding occasionally while writing – and plenty more bleeding while doodling. The pen is also very light and could use a little bit of added weight to give it some balance. The lack of any grip area, too, makes it a little harder to write with for longer periods of time.

Still, I really like this pen a lot, and I even prefer this disposable version over the stainless steel model. If you haven’t used The Sharpie Pen before, I heartily recommend it. It’s a good pen to always have available.


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