Review: BIC Velocity Gel, Gel Ink, 0.7mm


The BIC Velocity Gel is a “premium plastic”-style retractable pen, very similar in design to the Pilot G-2. It has a transparent barrel, a rubber grip, and black trim. It’s an uninspired design, but it looks nice enough. The gel ink inside, however, could leave your writing a little uglier because it flows a bit unevenly and smears pretty heavily, even transferring to the opposite page in a notebook that is closed too fast.


The Velocity Gel is comfortable enough to hold, although it’s worth noting that the grip flares out a bit at the tip-end of the pen. For someone like me who grips the pen close to the tip, it feels a tiny bit awkward. Anybody who grips a pen a bit higher on the barrel won’t have this issue and might actually like this feature, as it will prevent your fingers from slipping too far down.

It isn’t a bad pen, probably ranking somewhere on the lower end of mediocre. But with so many options, it’s just not a pen worth buying. On every store shelf with a BIC Velocity Gel, there is probably a better pen sitting right next to it.


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4 thoughts on “Review: BIC Velocity Gel, Gel Ink, 0.7mm

  1. Piece of junk. It starts out really easy to write with and super comfortable but leave it sit for anytime and it won’t write!!! I guess it dries up and the ball point becomes “stuck” I bought a package and one by one they get tossed in the garbage with plenty of ink left in them because they will no longer write.


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