Review: Monami Plus Pen 3000, Porous Point, Fine


I generally like writing with porous-point pens, and the Monami Plus Pen 3000 is no exception. And while their slogan – “touch of humanity” – is a bit confusing, the pen draws a good, clean line. However, that isn’t to say that the Plus Pen 3000 is without flaws; it certainly has a few.


To start, the body of the Plus Pen 3000 is very cheaply made. It’s composed of a thin, black plastic that flexes and bends. It has no grip, and it’s not particularly comfortable to write with. It also has a very short cap with no clip. So basically, it’s not the type of pen you’d want banging around in your bag or backpack, or else the cap might easily be knocked off and ink-stain everything you own.

Still, as a porous-point pen, it creates very neat lettering when writing. The ink has a moderate amount of smear, and I wouldn’t want to rely on it in a pinch. But a dozen of these in a pen cup would work fine – just call it the poor man’s Sharpie Pen.


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