Review: The Sharpie Pen, Porous Point, Fine


It may be enough for me to say that The Sharpie Pen has become one of my go-to writing instruments. It’s a porous point pen that makes very clean lines, has very minimal smearing, and dries to a fairly dark black. Consequently, I find that it really improves the way my writing looks, and the consistent ink flow and sleek design make it a great pen to use on the go.

That’s not to say that it’s perfect. While the packaging advertises The Sharpie Pen as no-bleed, I do see some bleeding occasionally while writing – and plenty more bleeding while doodling. The pen is also very light and could use a little bit of added weight to give it some balance. The lack of any grip area, too, makes it a little harder to write with for longer periods of time.

Still, I really like this pen a lot, and I even prefer this disposable version over the stainless steel model. If you haven’t used The Sharpie Pen before, I heartily recommend it. It’s a good pen to always have available.


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Review: Paper Mate Liquid Flair, XFine, Stick Pen

Papermate_Liquid_FlairXFine-1I’ve been using the XFine Paper Mate Liquid Flair needle-point pen with my journal for about a week, and it’s probably a bad sign that I’m so excited to finally move on to something else.

That’s not to say the Xfine Liquid Flair is an all around bad pen. It’s comfortable enough to hold, and though it doesn’t look particularly fancy, it has a fun design. I especially like the spring-loaded cap, which presses firmly against the tip of the pen to keep it from drying out. It also has a deep black ink, which would probably be great for artists who are looking for a cheap, disposable pen for basic ink work.


My problem with the XFine Liquid Flair is that it is a terrible writing pen. It smudges so much that if I close my journal too fast, little splotches of ink get smeared onto the opposite page. The ink even bleeds through standard notepads, making it useless for most note-takers. But worst of all, it makes my writing feel messy – it’s already bad enough, it doesn’t need anything making it worse.


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