Review: Zebra Sarasa Clip, Gel Ink, 0.5mm


The more I use pens with spring-loaded clips , the more I invariably like them. They easily slip on and off notebooks, they stay put when clipped, and the lever gives me something to fidget with during meetings, besides the noisy clicker. That’s why the Zebra Sarasa Clip has been my go-to pen for the past couple of weeks, despite being an otherwise basic gel pen.


The design of the Sarasa Clip is based on the generic-looking Zebra Sarasa gel pen, and aside from the aforementioned clip, their aesthetic differences are minimal. They both have the design of a typical premium plastic pen with a clear barrel, black trim, and a rubbery grip. Both pens are comfortable and reliable, but without the spring-loaded clip, the Sarasa does nothing to distinguish itself from its competitors.

Still, that spring-loaded clip definitely provides extra utility that may be worthwhile depending on the situation. For example, if you’re a fan of the Pilot G-2 and typically need a pen while out and about, it would probably be worth trying out the Zebra Sarasa Clip. In that case, also check out the Pilot Juice. The two pens are nearly identical, so go with whichever happens to be less expensive.


Extra Links

  • A review at The Gentleman Stationer mentions that the refill of the Sarasa Clip is better than the standard Sarasa. They do come with different refills – the Sarasa uses the “Zebra JLV” refill  and Sarasa Clip uses the “Zebra JF” refill – and, I tend to agree. The Sarasa Clip’s JF refill seems to be a little darker and smoother. Click for a comparison.
  • Review at Pen Addict. He says that below 0.4mm, the pen starts to feel scratchy (though he doesn’t consider that a bad thing).
  • A review at Daydreamers Welcome shows off different Sarasa Clip colors, but she says that the lighter colors aren’t worth the money.

5 thoughts on “Review: Zebra Sarasa Clip, Gel Ink, 0.5mm

  1. The clip is great, and so are some of the colors: Magenta Pink, Viridian Green, Cobalt Blue. I like .5 for good flow without any gloppyness. I keep coming back to these pens.


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