Review: Pilot Juice, Gel Ink, 0.38mm


Picture a Pilot G-2 with a spring-loaded clip, and you’ll have a good idea of what the Pilot Juice is all about. Like the G-2, the Juice has the clear-plastic body and black trim that looks like so many other pens you’ll find on most store shelves – I call it the “premium plastic” style. But that isn’t to say that the Juice is a bad pen, and, to the contrary, it’s probably a lot better than most of the other pens in its category.


Compared to the G-2, the Juice’s ink is a bit smoother, the grip is a little softer, and the refill lacks that ugly brown gunk. And while these minor improvements might not make anyone go out of their way, the Juice’s aforementioned spring-loaded clip might. Never underestimate the usefulness of a good clip. Whether attaching it to a notebook or a pocket, it’s nice having a pen that knows how to stay put.

It’s easy to see that the Pilot Juice is a good gel-ink pen, but its competition can’t be ignored either. For my money, the Juice still doesn’t beat the nearly smear-free ink and the professional look of pens like the Pentel Energel and the uni-ball Signo 207. However, if the Juice’s spring-loaded clip speaks to you, it might be worth a try.


Extra Links

  • A review at The Clicky Post says that the Juice delivers a top notch writing experience. He also notes that the tip-size and color options are “literally insane.”
  • Speaking of colors, you can see many of the Juice’s color options over at The Well Appointed Desk.
  • Another review at The Finer Point calls the Juice “middle of the park.” In particular she dislikes the cheap-looking barrel, and she describes the pen as best for taking shorter notes.

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