Review: InkWorks BB-8 Projector Pen, Ballpoint, 1.0mm


I don’t typically write reviews for novelty pens, but I’ve made an exception for this one, the InkWorks BB-8 Projector Pen. The reason is mainly because Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a very fun movie, and I really just wanted an excuse to buy this pen. After all, everybody loves the new BB-8 droid, and its orange and white color scheme looks great on a pen.

As far as novelty pens go, the InkWorks Projector Pen is about what you would expect. While novelty pens can be fun items own and make good souvenirs, a good writing experience typically isn’t in the cards. Indeed, the BB-8 Projector Pen has an uncomfortable ridge in its mid-section, it’s top-heavy, and it uses mediocre ballpoint ink. As far as I can see, there’s also no easy way to replace the ink, and even the retracting mechanism, which requires twisting the tip of the pen, is a little annoying to use.


To add to the novelty, an image of BB-8 is projected from the top of the pen when a button on the barrel is held down. It’s a neat feature, I guess, but one that also gets old pretty fast. I suppose this adds some function as a mini-flashlight, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to replace the battery, greatly limiting its usefulness.

At under five dollars, the InkWorks BB-8 Projector Pen is not expensive for a Star Wars memento. However, you will be disappointed if you’re actually planning on using this pen, as you can find a better pen at any convenience store for a fraction of the price. Personally, I’m happy to have it sitting in a cup with my other novelty pens, though I doubt I’ll ever pick it up again.


P.S. It looks like InkWorks make the same Projector Pen in a lot of different styles, from Angry Birds to The Walking Dead. However, I’m happy to only have the BB-8 version.

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