Review: Pilot G-2 Pro, Gel Ink, 0.7mm


The Pilot G-2 is such a ubiquitous and popular pen, it’s really no surprise that Pilot has attempted to build on the brand by creating this “upgraded” version, the Pilot G-2 Pro. The G-2 Pro is little beefier: it’s slightly thicker, slightly heavier, and has a larger “clicker.” It’s a nice pen, but at double the price of the standard G-2, it’s hard to find a compelling reason to spend the extra money.


When it comes right down to it, the G-2 Pro is mostly an aesthetic upgrade. Instead of the cheap, clear plastic of the original, the G-2 Pro comes with a painted barrel. Four color options are available – gray, dark blue, olive green, and maroon. The upgraded design even includes a faux-metal trim. But don’t be fooled; the body is still entirely made of plastic.

For an upgrade like this to make sense, it should give die-hard G-2 users something worthwhile. For example, Pentel produced the Energel Alloy RT, a durable, aluminum version of the popular Energel Deluxe RTX. The G-2 Pro, on the other hand, is more of a paint job. So, unless you’re really itching for a prettier G-2, it’s hard to justify purchasing the G-2 Pro.


6 thoughts on “Review: Pilot G-2 Pro, Gel Ink, 0.7mm

  1. These pens are great. The added girth and build quality puts them well ahead of the standard G2. In my experience all but the gray and blue versions are hard to find these days (end 2017). Today I just found an orphan Olive Green version in a dusty corner of a stationary store here in Jakarta, Indonesia. Now it has a good home along with my G2 Pros 🙂 Note, the barrel color of the G2 Pro is NOT painted on as the article suggests, it is in the molded plastic itself through-and-through. I was worried the silk screened branding on the clip and barrel would wear away from use. However it hasn’t happened – so far. If you need an every day carry G2, spend the extra few buck and opt for the G2 Pro. You won’t regret it.


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