Review: Pilot G-2 Pro, Gel Ink, 0.7mm


The Pilot G-2 is such a ubiquitous and popular pen, it’s really no surprise that Pilot has attempted to build on the brand by creating this “upgraded” version, the Pilot G-2 Pro. The G-2 Pro is little beefier: it’s slightly thicker, slightly heavier, and has a larger “clicker.” It’s a nice pen, but at double the price of the standard G-2, it’s hard to find a compelling reason to spend the extra money.


When it comes right down to it, the G-2 Pro is mostly an aesthetic upgrade. Instead of the cheap, clear plastic of the original, the G-2 Pro comes with a painted barrel. Four color options are available – gray, dark blue, olive green, and maroon. The upgraded design even includes a faux-metal trim. But don’t be fooled; the body is still entirely made of plastic.

For an upgrade like this to make sense, it should give die-hard G-2 users something worthwhile. For example, Pentel produced the Energel Alloy RT, a durable, aluminum version of the popular Energel Deluxe RTX. The G-2 Pro, on the other hand, is more of a paint job. So, unless you’re really itching for a prettier G-2, it’s hard to justify purchasing the G-2 Pro.


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