Notes on Sweet Tooth Field Notes

When the time comes for Field Notes to produce their quarterly edition of limited notebooks, I always appreciate when they attempt something different, and they’ve definitely accomplished that with Sweet Tooth, the recent Spring 2016 release.


While the 3-packs of Sweet Tooth notebooks come in the typical pocket-size, 3.5″ x 5.5″, there are many new features lurking inside these little books. Most obviously, each notebook has blank and colored paper. The three colors – “Blu Raspberry,” “Banana Split,” and “Tangy Orange” (which looks more red to me) – match the colors of their respective covers.

In addition, both the covers and the paper inside these books are much more hearty than usual, clocking in at 100# and 70#, respectively – that makes for a relatively thick Field Notes notebook. For comparison’s sake, a standard Field Notes notebook has a cover stock that is 80# and paper that is 50#.

Each notebook page also comes perforated, for easy tearing. Anyone who leaves a lot of notes would do well to slip a Sweet Tooth book into a desk drawer, plucking out a page now and then whenever a scrap piece of paper is needed. The colors also allow for a color-coded note system, if you are nerdy and dedicated enough to develop one. There’s even a couple extra aesthetic flares – all the text on the notebooks’ covers are stamped with a shiny foil, and, of course, there are the black staples.

Although I appreciate the novelty of these Sweet Tooth books, I’m sorry to say that they really aren’t for me. Unlike the typical Field Notes design, these don’t offer much utility for the type of person who carries a notebook in his or her back pocket. The extra heft of the paper and cover stock makes it noticeable and, at times, uncomfortable to carry around. And though I find the perforations occasionally handy, those who like to save everything written in their notebooks will find them mostly useless.

However, if you work at a desk, prefer blank paper, and tear out a lot of pages, then Sweet Tooth will be the perfect edition of Field Notes for you. And, frankly, it’s a terrific notebook for keeping track of your next dentist appointment. You just have to leave yourself a note, hidden amongst your candy stash.


Additional Notes

  • Of the 30 “Practical Applications” listed in the notebooks’ inside-back cover, my favorites are the following: #07. “C6H8O7 vs. C12H22O11” (i.e. sour vs. sweet); #14. “Egg Hiding Spots”; and #18. “Easter Ham Recipes.”
  • Here’s a great review at The Well Appointed Desk, who loved it, and another at Three Staples, where you can find a ton of amazing photos.
  • In case you missed it: On March 1st, I jokingly predicted that the Spring 2016 Field Notes release would be “edible notebooks.” I think I came pretty darn close with Sweet Tooth!


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