Notes on Point Oh Field Notes


In October of 2015, a digital marketing company named Huge hosted a design conference called Brooklyn 1.0 where special 3-packs of Field Notes were given out to attendees. The notebook set, dubbed the “Point Oh!” Edition, was created specifically for the conference and limited to 1,000 packs. When photos of these notebooks were posted online, Field Notes collectors seemed to fall in love with them. But apart from those who attended the conference, it seemed especially difficult for people to find this edition. Afterward, they sold for  ridiculous prices on eBay.

Fortunately, in April of 2016, somebody at Huge must have found a box full of conference leftovers, and the Point Oh Field Notes suddenly became available for purchase on the Brooklyn 1.0 website for $9.95. The orders were limited to one 3-pack per person and standard shipping cost an additional 8 dollars, but they still sold out quickly. And lucky for me, I managed to snag a pack: number 888 out of 1,000.


While it’s often hard to justify the hype that surrounds Field Notes, it’s also hard to deny the appeal of these pretty little Point Oh notebooks. With their pastel colors, embossed print, and polka-dotted inner-covers, they stand out from the rest of my Field Notes collection. Even though the yellow (“banana split”) cover color would later be used with the Spring 2016 Edition, the Point Oh books are especially reminiscent of Spring and the decorations you’ll find during Easter time

In terms of specs, these books are the typical 3.5″ x 5.5″ pocket-size with a hearty 100# cover stock and blank, 50# inner paper. Though I don’t typically use blank sheets of paper, it may be preferable to many designers and artists for whom these notebooks were intended. And for artists on-the-go, these notebook covers not only hold up well to wear and tear, but they also manage to look good in the process.

It’s a cool edition if you can get your hands it. Since it sold on the Point Oh website, packs have come down in price in the secondary market. So it’s possible to find one for a reasonable amount of money, though I never recommend spending too much on these special edition books. The next one is always right around the corner.


Additional Notes

  • Of the 30 “Practical Applications” listed in the notebooks’ inside-back cover, my favorites are the following: “12. Polka Dots”; “15. Rap Quotes”; and “17. Why I Miss The Beastie Boys.”
  • I really should also mention the cool embossed logo on back cover.
  • Man, I’m a bit jealous of the other cool stuff those conference attendees got.

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