Review: Zebra F-301, Ballpoint Pen, 0.7mm


There was a time when the Zebra F-301 was my every-day pen, and having returned to it, I remember why I liked it so much. The steel barrel with the black, plastic trim looks cool. The balance and weight is perfect for its size. And the retracting click mechanism feels substantial and solid. Yes, I’m certainly fond of the F-301, but much like speaking with an old girlfriend, I also remember why I’ve moved on.


The F-301 is a ballpoint pen, and as such it requires a firm hand to write with. This attribute, combined with its relatively thin and short barrel, makes the F-301 very difficult to write with at any length. It’s great for jotting down quick little notes, but be prepared for hand cramps after more than a full page.

The F-301 is a durable pen, and it will keep well if you want to throw it in your bag, backpack, or car. The fact that it’s slim makes it a great pocket-pen too. But if you plan on writing more than a couple sentences at a time, you’ll want to look for something more comfortable to hold.


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