Review: Pilot B2P, Gel Pen, 0.7mm


Every time I see the Pilot B2P on the store shelves, I can’t help rolling my eyes at the terrible gimmick. 89% of the pen is made from recycled bottles, and to make sure you know it, Pilot designed it to resemble a plastic water bottle. It’s a  translucent blue, all-plastic pen with water-like ripples molded into the barrel and a plastic label wrapped around the middle. It’s such a silly concept that I’m almost ashamed to admit that I actually quite like the way this pen looks.

The inside of the pen is nothing particularly special. It’s a standard 0.7mm Pilot G-2 gel ink refill, which is relatively good despite the fact that it writes a bit unevenly – in my opinion, the 0.38mm G-2 refill works a lot better. It’s a bit slippery to hold because the B2P has no grip, though I definitely wouldn’t call it an uncomfortable writing experience.

If you really want to do the environment a favor, you should probably just get a sturdy, stainless steel pen that will last the rest of your life. But if you want an off-the-shelf pen with a unique look, the Pilot B2P isn’t a bad choice.


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