Retro Talk: The Joey Feldman Edition

Earlier this year, before I was blown away by Retro 51’s Summer 2016 catalog (pdf), Vanness Pens cropped up with its very own Retro 51 exclusive that drew my eye: The Joey Feldman “Artist Series” Tornado.


Primarily known for his colorful and “cartoon-ish” portraits of pop-culture icons like Peewee Herman, Eminem, and Donald Trump, Feldman also has a knack for drawing some pretty creepy monsters. So, when commissioned to design the wrap for this Tornado, it seems that he came up with something that’s both vibrant and (on close inspection) a little ghoulish. It’s definitely one of the most visually stunning pens I own, making it very nice to both use and display.

This Tornado was limited to 500 total pieces; 250 were made with a black clip and 250 were made with a red clip. Both versions are individually numbered (I have #149), but the red-clip version, besides costing $20 more, also comes with a signed print of Feldman’s design. Though, take it from me, it’s difficult to find a frame that will fit its 12.75″ x 5.75″ dimensions.


Whenever artists or designers get involved in stationery, it usually makes for an interesting product. Even though it’s quite expensive for a Retro 51 pen, I’m happy to own this one. And though this is currently the only pen in Retro 51’s Artist Series, I sincerely hope its not the last.


…and, as The Analog points out in their extremely detailed review, that eye inlaid at the top is pretty awesome.

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