Notes on 2016 Nixon Field Notes


Field Notes creates a lot of specially-branded notebooks for outside companies, but they are usually very simple. Often it will just be a standard Kraft book with a company’s logo stamped on the front – sometimes you’ll see embossing or even a neat new color. But ocassionally something very cool and unique is released, such as this recent collaboration with Nixon, the upscale wristwatch company.

This isn’t the first time Field Notes teamed up with Nixon. Last year they made a pretty cool tri-color pack, but they knocked it out of the park this year by using photographs from Jeff Divine for the notebooks’ covers. Divine, who has been a professional surf photographer since the ’60s, took some great beach shots, each with a very distinct style.


The 3-pack has mixed ruling, meaning that one notebook has standard ruling, one has grid lines, and one has blank pages. So if you only use one style of ruling, you just have to live with (or give away) the other two. Inside is 60# white paper, and the covers are made with 100# glossy stock, each with a different color on the inner-cover. They are also the standard 3.5″ x 5.5″ pocket-notebook size.

These books are currently still available, but as a limited edition of 5,000, they are likely to run out eventually. However, be prepared to pay a bit more. The Nixon books are $15 per 3-pack instead of the usual $10. Luckily, these notebooks pull double duty: during the upcoming winter, they’ll be a good reminder of the warmer times.


Additional Notes

  • Of the 30 “Practical Applications” listed in the notebooks’ inside-back cover, my favorites are the following: “03. Shit My Dad Used to Say”; “08. Taco Joints”; and “19. Best Playlist Ever.”
  • These Nixon books seem very similar to the America the Beautiful edition (from the Spring of 2013). I haven’t gotten my hands on a pack of those yet, but you can see reviews from The Well Appointed Desk, Three Staples, and MbS-P-B.
  • On a side note, Field Notes has released a ton of special/limited editions over the last year. I’m having trouble keeping up, and I think I’m starting to develop “Special Edition Fatigue.”

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