Colors Review: Pilot G-2 Metallics (Gold and Pink)


I found the gold and pink Pilot G-2 Metallics in a two-pack, separate from the blue and silver version I reviewed previously. And just like the blue/silver Metallics, these colors are supposedly infused with “micro-metallic pigments” to give the ink a nice shine on the page. I have to say, these colors do look good.

The pink is kind of what you’d expect, a standard pink with a metallic sheen. The gold, on the other hand, has almost a caramel-tint to it that looks really great. Just like the original Pilot G-2, they do a good job of not bleeding, but be warned that they are heavy smearers.


While the Metallics aren’t a great option as a writing pen, these colors are definitely fun to play around with. I intend to snatch up any more that come out. Hopefully a dark red is on the horizon.