Colors Review: Pilot G-2 Fashion Collection, Gel Pens


It’s very easy to criticize¬†the Pilot G-2 Fashion Collection for its lack of originality. Pilot simply took their G-2 design, slapped on a flower pattern, and gave it a silly name. But, honestly, covering up that ugly clear barrel is one of the better decisions¬†that Pilot has ever made (even if they already did it before).

There are four colors included in the pack – pink, blue, green, and orange – all of which are very bright. In fact, the orange is so bright that it might make a good highlighter. And the green, my favorite in the pack, has the beautiful color of summer grass, which is a lovely color to draw with.


Though they’re really just an old pen wrapped in a new skin, I really have nothing particularly negative to say about the G-2 Fashion Collection. They’re fairly smooth, have a good consistency, and they don’t excessively smear. Overall, a nice pen for coloring and doodling.


And if you just like barrel design of the pen, the Fashion Collection also comes in a series of black-ink pens. They have the same blue, green, pink, and orange-colored barrels, but the grip, knock, and clip sections are black. At first I accidentally bought a set of these black-ink pens thinking that they had colored ink, so be careful not to make the same mistake that I did.

Black Ink G-2 Fashion Collection
The black-ink version of the G-2 Fashion Collection

Colors Review: BIC Velocity Assorted Colors, Ballpoint, 1.6mm

BIC Velocity Color Pens

At 1.6mm, these BIC Velocity ballpoint pens are terrible for writing, but their colors make them all right for drawing. For ballpoint pens, which tend not to have the greatest-looking colors, the pink stands out quite nicely, and the purple takes a good dark note. The green and blue are bright, but they seem to come out a lighter on the page.


Just like the Velocity Gel pen, the clip feels pretty flimsy, and I’m not a fan of the way the grip flares out near the tip. However, they are still relatively comfortable to hold. There is plenty of blobbing up with the ink, so be prepared for some smearing, but the ink flow is both smooth and consistent.

Because of the thick 1.6mm line and the blobby ink, I can’t imagine artists enjoying these Velocity colors. On the other hand, this seems more like a set of colored pens to give to kids. Keep in mind, however, you may need to replace them soon because these pens don’t have a very large ink cartridge.


P.S. My apologies to for butchering this hippo. And, yes, it is supposed to be a hippo.